A Letter a Day

Red ink on envelope・
22 × 9 cm・2020.10 ~ present

    Back in junior high school, I suffered from bullying and severe depression while struggling with my sexuality.

Ever since, I’ve been having thoughts of ending my life though there’s always an idea holding me back, an idea of wishing there would be a message, a letter perhaps, something about “all the pain and suffering would pass”, cliché as it sounds.

I asked for a sign and I received nothing.
The last straw eventually breaks so do I.

14-year-old naive me thinking that my future self didn’t make it to the end therefore no letters.
So I attempted my first suicide and failed gorgeously.

Fast forward to 2020, I held a funeral on my 22nd birthday to close the book on my past, and in October of the same year, I started a personal project by writing/drawing a letter to myself every day to record my feelings or thoughts, with the hope that one day I would be able to send these "letters from the future" that I could not receive at the time.




そして2020年、22歳の誕生日に葬儀を行い、自分の過去に区切りをつけ、同年10月、当時もらうことができなかった 「 未来からの手紙 」 をいつか送れるようにと、毎日自分宛に手紙をかいて、自分の気持ちや考えを記録する個人的なプロジェクトを開始しました。

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© Nelson Hor Ee Herng