The Birds and the Bees // 鳥と蜂
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

The Birds and the Bees // 鳥と蜂
2024. 01
106 × 218 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

“The Birds and the Bees” is a poem I wrote about the loneliness and impact led by childhood sexual trauma and lack of sex education and understanding of sexuality.

In most coming-of-age novels or movies, when you achieve “sex”, it is the next step. It is a moment, a prerequisite to something else, but queer folks we very rarely have modes, we never have instruction manuals, we don’t have the talk from our parents about birds and the bees.

「The Birds and the Bees(鳥と蜂)』は、幼少期の性的トラウマと性教育やセクシュアリティへの無理解がもたらした孤独と影響についてかいた詩です。


So a lot of our way towards our desire is also a way towards self-knowledge on both a psychological level and an anatomical level.

We learn on the fly, which is not always going to be successful on the first try. We often mourn the loss of innocence and shame the failure but for queer folks, failure becomes a necessary practice towards success, so we fail forward.



Therefore, in this series, I want to honour the innocence and go back to the failure until it triumphs in the sight of its bumbling which is what being queer feels like to me.


Since I was a kid, I knew I was a little different from the other boys.

I thought the flowers were a little bit weird
and I prefer sitting alone playing with my toys.

I once tried to search for the answers of the birds and the bees
through the clouds in the sky,
yet little did I know this would make me the perfect prey
while I didn’t even know how to fly.

I blamed my friends, my parents and the system for allowing this to happen,
but mostly, I blamed myself.

Not until years later, I’ve finally learned that
the first step to become an adult,
it’s to stop punishing yourself for things you did when you were a child.






My Innocence and Purity // 僕の童心や純真
2024. 02
80 × 22 × 15 cm
FRP resin

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© Nelson Hor Ee Herng