The Unspoken Tenderness // 語らない愛
mineral pigment on washi paper・ink on envelope

The role of “father” is one of the most direct symbols of masculinity yet easily overlooked. For most children, the first masculine figure they encounter in life is their father.

“Father” is not just our superhero, the role model and the stone of the family, but it is also an energy, an energy that represents responsibility, guardianship and growth.

And as our society destroys the lines between masculinity and femininity, I realised this also deconstructs a father’s identity, we’ve been given a gift – an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a man, a father and to reconstruct masculinity based on our evolution as a society.

「お父さん」 という役割は、「男性性」の最も直接的な象徴でありながら、見過ごされがちな存在です。ほとんどの子どもたちにとって、人生で最初に出会う男性的な存在は父親です。


The Family Bond // 家族の絆を
2023. 02
91 × 72. 7 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

Dad to the Rescue !  // パパがレスキュー!
2023. 01
27. 3 × 22 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper

The common idea of a father is that he has to be strong to protect his home and loved ones, but what defines one’s strength? Masculinity no longer means that you have to be muscular but being mentally and emotionally resilient is very important too. Therefore, in this series, I want to show no matter what kind of body type or disability, the love and protectiveness of a father are constant.


A Letter to the Lone Wolf of the Family // 拝啓、お父さんの背中
2023. 02
51. 4 × 36. 5 cm
envelope, ink on washi paper

I grew up having an emotionally distant father and he taught me that a man’s ability to protect, provide and procreate was the only masculine trait that mattered.

Although I struggled and was confused by this concept a lot, now I have my new idea of masculinity which is emotionally resilient, courageous and compassionate.

Masculinity is about owning one’s emotions and being able to express them comfortably; masculinity is about knowing how to stand up for yourself and isn’t afraid to ask for help; and most importantly, masculinity is about being sympathetic and having concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.




The Baggage // 目に見えない責任
2023. 02
80. 3 × 80. 3 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper

Shapes of Love // 愛の形
2023. 02
116. 7 × 91 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

Featured on: 

Iwakan Volume 06 特集 男性制

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