Symphonies in My Head // 闇の交響曲
mineral pigment on washi paper・ink on envelope

Symphonies in My Head // 闇の交響曲
2022. 09
146 × 253 cm
mineral pigment, envelope, ink on washi paper

When I suffered from depression, there are days I see my inner enemy as "a demon voice." This very patient and determined demon show up in your bedroom one day and refuses to leave.

You are six or fourteen or twenty-two and you look in the mirror and you hear a voice so awful and mean that it takes your breath away. It tells you that you are fat and ugly and you don't deserve love. And the scary part is the demon is your own voice.

うつ病を病んでいた時、私は自分の内なる敵を "悪魔の声 "だと思うことがありました。この非常に強く、頑固とした悪魔は、ある日自分の心に現れ、立ち去ろうともしない、その以来、鏡を見ると、息を呑むほどひどく意地悪な声を聞けるようになりました。


“ Can you hear the whispers?
The whispers of thousand butterflies
They swarmed in like a tornado
like the ghosts that made you cry. 

Can you hear the whispers now?
They are maddening and loud
like the time my noonday devil
hits the midnight bell. “

- Memoirs of My Noonday Devil 

The critical inner voice tends to be louder and meaner in some of us than others, and it tends to pick on us more or less at different points in our lives. Yet, one thing's for sure. As long as we are listening to this dangerous critic that twists what others think of us, we cannot trust our perceptions of reality.

“Symphonies in My Head” is about visualising my inner demon, angel and the voices they made. Sometimes we overlook how impactful a tiny voice can do to our minds until we start journaling them down and we can finally tell apart the intuitive thoughts from the anxiety.




A Letter a Day // 毎日、君に手紙をかいてあげる
2022. 09
envelope, ink on washi paper

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exhibition view
2022. 09
16th Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi


AATM2022: Akira Tatehata Jury’s Choice Awards

多摩美術大学: AATM2022 受賞作品

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