A Letter a Day // 毎日、君に手紙をかいてあげる
ink on envelope

When I was 14 years old, I attempted my first suicide. At that time, I was waiting for a message or letter from the future telling me that all the pain and suffering would pass and that I would be okay. In 2020, on my 22nd birthday, I held a funeral to put an end to my past and in October of the same year, I decided to start writing/drawing a letter every day, in the hope that one day I could send all these “letters from the future” that I didn't receive back then.

14歳の時、初めて自殺を試みました。その時の自分が 「すべての痛みと苦しみは過ぎ去るよって、きっと大丈夫になるよ」 という未来のメッセージとか手紙を待っていました。2020年、22歳の誕生日に葬儀を行い、自分の過去に区切りをつけ、同年10月、当時もらうことができなかった 「未来からの手紙」 をいつか送れるようにと、毎日自分の気持ちや考えを手紙にかくことを始めました。

In My Parents’ Eyes  // 親の目から見た
2022. 05
envelope, ink on washi paper
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“A Letter a Day” is now an ongoing art project in that I write/draw a letter every day to my past self. I use letters, or more specifically, envelopes to represent my voice and journal my daily thoughts which will later be presented in my work as part of an installation or storytelling.

「毎日、君に手紙をかいてあげる」 は現在進行中のアートプロジェクトで、毎日過去の自分宛に手紙をかくというものです。手紙は、特に封筒を使って自分の声を表現し、日々の考えを書き留め、後にインスタレーションやストーリーテリングの一部として作品の中で発表します。

351 Days in a Box        
2023. 05       
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“‘A Letter a Day’ is hope, a lifeboat, a personal journal for everyone to peek into,
a mirror that reflects empathy.
For me, it’s a reminder of all the reasons to stay alive.”

- Memoirs of My Noonday Devil

A Letter a Day  //  君に手紙をかいてあげる
2022. 09
envelope, ink on washi paper

100 Days in a Smoking Room
2021. 05
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Although the envelope is a transportation of words, it’s very personal and intimate. It has to be unfolded and peeked into to get the message, therefore, I decided to write/draw on the front of the envelopes as a metaphor that I’m willing to open up my heart and let people take a peep at these personal contents.

I see these letters as a mirror that reflects empathy and also a lighthouse that brings kindred spirits together.


そのため、私はあえて 「個人的な」 コンテンツを封筒の外に露出させ、人々にそれを覗き見させるのです。


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