The Murder of My Innocence and Purity // 僕の童心や純真を奪った烏

2024. 02
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

I started the “Murder” series inspired by the ideology in contemporary sculptures. Artists like Marcel Duchamp and Félix González-Torres experimented with unconventional sculpting materials or art forms like using the urinal or candy to reflect on societal issues through figurative and abstract representations.

By doing so, the artists give rise to constant experimentation with techniques and materials, and also challenge the viewers what defines a sculpture.  

「The Murder」というシリーズは現代彫刻の思想からインスピレーションされました。マルセル・デュシャンやフェリックス・ゴンザレス・トレスのようなアーティストたちは、便器やキャンディを使ったりするなど、型にはまらない彫刻素材や芸術形態で実験を行い、具象的・抽象的な表現を使って社会問題を考察しました。


exhibition view
2024. 02
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Therefore, in “The Murder of My Innocence and Purity”, I wanted to challenge the idea of where a canvas starts and where it ends. Although the crows are all painted within the panels, the story doesn’t end on one canvas.

I expanded the crows into a room and by utilising the unique interior of the exhibition space, the pillars turned into a giant painting frame. The room is my canvas.



Also, by using the Japanese art philosophy of Yohaku (negative space) and Shakkei (borrowed scenery), the empty space filled itself even though there’s only a limited amount of panels and borrowing the Tokyo cityscape from the window allows me to extend the crows beyond the room.


My Innocence and Purity // 僕の童心や純真
2024. 02
80 × 22 × 15 cm
FRP resin, embroidered towel

Crows are very intelligent and because of their social nature, you often find towns and cities are dominated by them.

Hence, I find the murder of crows the perfect symbol of our modern social issues and an interesting metaphor for the society that snatches a part of our emotions, dreams or innocence from us.

Just as crows shape their living habitats to fit in with humanity, we sacrifice a part of ourselves and learn how to live together harmoniously.




“ A crow is a scavenger and when there’s a circle of them, there is a murder. ”

「カラスはスカベンジャーであり、カラスの群れがあるとマーダーが生じます。 」

Special thanks:

All photo courtsey of Fabian Parkes.

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