The Red Cloud Over My Head // 赤い空に飛んでいた赤い鳥
solo exhibition・28 Feb-10 Mar 2024・KYOBASHI ART ROOM

exhibition view
2024. 02

The title, The Red Cloud Over My Head, comes from an English saying, a dark cloud hanging over someone’s head, which uses to describe a feeling of sadness and despair.

LGBTQ individuals are 2.5 times more likely to experience symptoms of depression than non-LGBTQ individuals and queer teens are 4 times more likely to be a victim of sexual grooming and abuse. As a survivor of depression, I realised we often bring our unsolved childhood traumas into adulthood unconsciously and they would slowly shape our mindset and perspective in life.

タイトルの 「赤い空に飛んでいた赤い鳥」は、台風や大雨の前に空が赤くなる現象と鳥は危険を察知すると空を飛ぶ現象に由来します。


My Innocence and Purity // 僕の童心や純真
2024. 02
80 × 22 × 15 cm
FRP resin, embroidered blanket

In this exhibition, I want to create a space that feels like you are disoriented in the desert but the desert is your childhood room and it’s surrounded by a murder of crows that killed your innocence and purity;

A simulation of the loneliness and helplessness that most queer people felt growing up which is led by sexual trauma and lack of sex education and understanding of sexuality.



The Murder of My Innocence and Purity // 僕の童心や純真を奪った烏
2024. 02
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Like Roni Horn sees water as a thing whose identity is based on its relation to other things, I treat water as a metaphor for one’s mental state. Stopping taking a shower and cleaning the bathroom are usually some of the first signs of depression.

ロニ・ホーンが 「 水を、周りのものとの関係によってアイデンティティが変わるもの 」 という考えと同じように、私は水を精神状態のメタファーとしてそれぞれの要因により変わると思っています。

We often see our room as our last sanctuary to escape the outside world, however, as you start neglecting the space, that’s when the desert forms, with no sign of life and water.

Therefore, if the harsh loneliness invades your oasis, would you still be able to find the water, or would you become one?



The Birds and the Bees // 鳥と蜂
2024. 01
53 × 72. 7 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink
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“ We often mourn the loss of innocence and shame the failure but for queer folks,
failure becomes a necessary practice towards success,
so we fail forward. “

- The Birds and the Bees

For those of you who have been to Tokyo, you might realise that crows are the most notorious residents of the city.

There are times that I like to observe these gregarious creatures scrapping the trash and harassing the passersby. Their aggressive nature with defensive abilities and the habit of frequent sites inhabited by human in order to feed on their household waste makes them the perfect symbol of our modern social issues.

A crow is a scavenger and when there’s a circle of them, there is a murder.




Lost in a Roundabout // 迂回に迷い込む
2024. 01
130 × 130 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

Dark Cloud Overhead // 頭上の暗雲
2023. 12
80 × 80 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper

               My Love Life Pas de Trois // 我が愛のパ・ド・トロワ
            2024. 01
            116. 7 × 223. 4 cm
            mineral pigment on washi paper

“ Trauma is an uncaring bird and we grieve for the feathers. ”

Special thanks:

All photo courtsey of KATO Ken.


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