The Resonance of Emotions and the Mirror on the Wall
installation・mineral pigment on washi paper・mirror・ceramics

installation view 
2022. 12
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In “The Resonance of Emotions”, each hand represents an emotion, just as how they are all connected. For example, when you’re frustrated, the feeling of anger and fear comes along, and as the emotions get stronger, it will lead to anxiety and depression. Often we feel anxious and frustrated over certain events because we are afraid that it will lead to the loss of something we care about.

This exemplifies a popular and common sense but increasingly untenable view that the direct causation of behaviour is the primary function of emotion. In other words, our reactions and behaviours are a reflection of our emotions.

「 感情の共鳴 」では、それぞれの手が感情を表し、ちょうどそれらがすべてつながっているように表現しています。例えば、「イライラ」は「怒り」や「恐れ」、そして「不安」や「落ち込み」につながっています。私たちがある出来事に対して不安や不満を感じるのは、それが自分の大切なものを失うことにつながるのではないかと恐れているからです。

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© Nelson Hor Ee Herng