Memory is a Garden // 記憶は庭
installation・furniture・japanese dry garden・paintings・embroidery・ceramics・video・sound

installation view
2022. 12

The title, Memory is a Garden, expands on the Japanese idiom “not seeing is a flower”, which is used to express the sentiment that because what is real can never be as good as what is imagined, prospect is often better than possession. However, it’s only through the possession of experience and memory that we are able to cobble information and evidence together into prospects and predictions for the future.

今回の個展のタイトルである 「Memory is a Garden (記憶は庭) 」では、日本の慣用句である「見ぬが花」を発展させ、「 物事はまだ見ないで、どんなだろうと想像しているうちがよいものである」という発想を表現しています。しかし、人々は経験や記憶を持っているからこそ、情報や証拠をつなぎ合わせて、将来の見通しを立てたり、予測したりすることができますが、過去の経験を追体験し、時間と空間の感覚を作り出す手段である記憶は、どちらかというと信頼性に欠けます。

Memory, as a way of reliving past experiences and creating our sense of time and space, is rather unreliable. It is often warped, manipulated, or simply fabricated by our emotions, traumatic experiences and other factors.


My Memories are My Ghost // 記憶がない私は、私か。
2022. 10
54 × 80 cm

tufted rug

The idea of our existence as humans is built on these inaccurate and flexible memories fascinates me, therefore, in this exhibition I created a body of work within the context of a fully immersive installation, building a space for viewers to experience how external factors can easily alter our memories, and demonstrating how parts of our brain communicate with each other as if in a room where sounds are constantly coming from other corners of the house.


“ If not seeing is a flower, memory is a garden. “
「 見ぬが花ならば、記憶は庭。」

The Memories of Love are Fading Away // 愛の記憶は消えてゆく
2022. 12
film photography
Time is Memory 
2022. 12
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Memory as a Dresser  // 記憶は引き出し
2022. 12
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not seeing is a flower pot 
2022. 09
clay with glaze
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The idea of filling the gallery with rocks and gravel is inspired by the Karesansui (Japanese dry garden). Dry gardens imitate the essence of nature and intricate patterns that evoke the grandeur of a landscape, although the garden itself lacks water features, gravel is used to mimic the fluidity of water as our human brains are often influenced to create fake memories.  

In this installation, the audience gets to immerse themselves in a dreamlike space that is supposed to bring a nostalgic feel yet surreal like how our memory can sometimes feel familiar but confusing.

ギャラリーを石と砂利で埋め尽くすという発想は、「 枯山水 」 からインスピレーションを得ています。庭園自体には水場がないものの、枯山水が砂利で自然のエッセンスと水の流動性を模倣するように、人間の脳はよく色々な外来要素に影響されて、偽の記憶を作り出します。


Reminiscing Flows  // 回想の流れ
2022. 07
24. 2 × 33. 3 cm
mineral pigment, sumi ink on washi paper

Kiss like a Fish
2022. 11
55 × 61. 5 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper

The Resonance of Emotions  // 感情の共鳴
2022. 11
100 × 105 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper
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Knitting and Remembering // 編むこと、思い出すこと
2022. 11
116. 7 × 91. 5 cm
mineral pigment on washi paper

Dandelion is as delicate as you // タンポポは君のように儚い
2022. 09
53 × 65. 2 cm
mineral pigment, acrylic ink on washi paper

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