Time is Memory
installation・video・anti-clockwise clock・plates

installation view
2022. 12

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“Time is Memory” is an installation piece including an anti-clockwise clock, video and plates.

In the podcast, Speaking of Psychology, Shankar Vedantam mentioned how our mind is actually a time machine. The human brain is not just a machinery that brings all the memory pieces together to relive the past but it can also glue those pieces together with other pieces to simulate a possible future.

The simulation engine between our ears does something even more profound: it weaves together memories of the past and dreams of the future to create our sense of self. If we lose our memory we can’t cobble together people with places or things, therefore, we lose the sense of time.

「 Time is Memory 」は、反転した時計、1時間のビデオ、お皿などを含んだインスタレーション作品です。

ポッドキャスト「 Speaking of Psychology 」で、Shankar Vedantamは、人間の意識はタイムマシンであると言っていました。人間の脳は、単に記憶の断片を集めて過去を再現する機械ではなく、それらの断片を他の断片と接着して未来をシミュレートすることができます。


When it comes to memories, we don’t experience time through objective time but the subjective one. While memory is our way of reliving our past experiences and re-experiencing our time, the more discrete memories you have from a prior experience that the more experience becomes expanded in time.
We humans want more time but there’s never enough time, and I think it’s not the time that we want. We long to live a full life, if time is memory then what we really want is more memories.



Memory Plates  // 記憶のお皿
2022. 11
acrylic on ceramic plate

In "Time is Memory", I wanted to visualise how our memory is formed through an hour-long video that is made up of several 4-second reversed clips. While the neurons gather and shape the recollections, there's a small pause every 4 seconds, and the gaps are later filled by our brain. This is why we often have false memories or remember the detail differently.

「 Time is Memory 」では、私たちの記憶がどのように形成されるかを、20個以上の4秒間の逆クリップで構成された1時間のビデオを通して視覚化したいと考えました。ニューロンが記憶を収集し、形にしている間、4秒ごとに小さな休止があり、その隙間が後で人間の脳によって埋められます。このため、私たちはしばしば誤った記憶をしたり、細部が異なって記憶されたりするのです。

Memories come in waves
(tonight i’m drowning)

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